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Deodorizing catalyst for removing daily odor > Product > Deodorizing catalyst for removing daily odor

air purifier for the home

Honeycomb deodorizing catalyst for removing daily odor

Function :
Remove all kinds of daily odors

Type :
Honeycomb of 50~400CPSI(Cell Per Square Inch)

Applications :
Refrigerators, shoe racks and closets

Supplied to :
Oxy "Hippo, smell-eater”

air purifier for the home

Product name
Hippo, smell-eater Honeycom hardwood charcoal
Type :
deodorant for refrigerator
Volume :
Ingredients :
Authium dioxcide beads and Honeycom hardwood charcoal
Effective :
3- 4 months
Description :
With combination of stabilization chlorine dioxide beads, patented ingredients of Hippo, smell-eater, and up-to-date honeycomb charcoal catalyst, this product is an upgraded Hippo, smell- deodorant for refrigerators. 
This product of slim design was designed to occupy a space as small as possible in the refrigerator.
Stabilization chlorine dioxide CIO2 beads of Hippo, smell-eater only
The first beads-type deodorant for refrigerators
Compared with gel-type, this product is better in volatilization.
Clear replacement time: The contents are reduced remarkably so that consumers can clearly know when to replace the product.
If the size of beads contents becomes as small as sesame, it is time of replacement.
The smell is far milder than existing gel-type Hippo, smell-eater.
Honeycomb charcoal catalysts developed with up-to-date technology
Using up-to-date honeycomb charcoal catalysts for the first time in the industry, this product causes no dust and is better in deodorant than ordinary charcoal.
With the surface area of a honeycomb charcoal catalyst is about thousands of times that of ordinary charcoal, this product is good in deodorization and a charcoal product of new technology supplementing continuity of efficiency which is a weak point of charcoal.
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