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About Low temperature deodorizing catalyst
As people’s living standard has rapidly improved with the remarkable economic growth, people’s awareness on the environment has been notably changing every year.
People’s demands about implementation of laws and regulations related to the level of emissions (Article 8 of the law about preservation of air environment and about improvement of various bad smells have become stronger, so diverse methods about this have been found.
Smell of kimchi (methyl mercaptan, CH3SH) and non-biodegradable smell of rotten fish (trimethylamine, (CH3)3N), in particular, are the most representative reasons of indoor pollution and products for removing those bad smells are necessary. This product is a catalyst developed to get rid of (adsorb, oxidize) various bad smells produced at low and room temperature.
This deodorizing catalyst is antibiotics which can get rid of methyl mercaptan, trimethylamine, dimethylsulfide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acetaldehyde and acetic acid.
Principle of low temperature deodorizing catalyst
catalyst supplier What is a Honeycomb-type deodorizing catalyst?
It is a deodorant which removes living bad smells with catalyst oxidation and adsorption using the honeycomb-type wide specific surface area.
catalyst supplier
Advantage of Low temperature deodorizing catalyst (LTC)
Excellence of LTC Features of LTC
Excellent CH3SH removal rate CJ3SJ: Over 95% (5℃)
Excellent (CH3)3N, H2S, NH3 adsorption For longer than 20 minutes [200ppm]
Final harmless production H2O, CO2
Low loss of pressure Honeycomb Type
High specific surface area 200㎡/g
Long-term maintenance of catalyst life Catalyst ingredients are equally dispersed inside and outside
Production of deodorizing catalyst and related goods
catalyst supplier catalyst supplier
Extrusion process of deodorizing catalyst High cell density honeycomb type deodorizing catalyst

Honeycomb-type (beehive shape) :
The most effective type so far which can remove target gas without interrupting the air flow.

Activated charcoal :
Activated charcoal which is the main ingredient used for deodorizing catalysts is more effective in deodorization because its specific surface area is double or wider than that of ordinary charcoal
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