ceramic honeycombs
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ceramic honeycombs
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ceramic honeycombs

Ceramic Honeycombs Thermal Storage Series ceramic honeycombs thermal storage are developed specially applying in steel heat furnace for heat storage and release. With the characters of big specific surface area, high thermal storage capability, low pressure drop and excellent thermal shock resistance, ceramic honeycombs thermal storage is widely applied in various industries, especially for metallurgy of steelmaking furnace, energy saving of steel-rolling stove, NOx purification system of thermal power plant, waste gas purification system of incinerator, toxic gas purification system in chemical and mining industries, heat exchange system, etc. As for the material of ceramic honeycombs thermal storage, its principal crystalline phase is mullite. As for main chemical ingredients inside, AL2O3 occupies about 60%, SiO2 about 38%, and others about 2%.
What is SCR?

Selective C atalytic Reduction
A catalyst technique to remove NOx, air pollutant by using a reducer and a catalyst: applied to power plants, vessels and vehicles
ceramic honeycombs
Core technology : Honeycomb type SCR catalyst
SCR reaction
ceramic honeycombs
ceramic honeycombs

Structure :
15x15 ~40x40 cell

Catalyst composition :
0-3% V2O5

Operating temperature :

Flux of exhaust gas :

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