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secret solid deodorant

Coated deodorization filter
secret solid deodorant

Function :
Installed in air purifiers to remove matters causing sick house syndromes and gas with bad smell

Form :
Paper honeycomb catalyst / Coated absorbing material

Applications :
Air purifier, Air-conditioner, etc.


High deodorization

High deodorization rate about formaldehyde, ammonia, acetic acid, acetaldehyde and VOC through doubly removing by low temperature deodorizing catalysts/ adsorbents

Solve the problem of smell in activated charcoal filters

In case of activated charcoal filters, bad smell is produced by mold or desorption of adsorbed matters, leading to the second pollution in time of using for a long time. However, low-temperature deodorization filters solve this problem.

Long life

Longer life than other activated carbon filters through decomposing some gas by a catalyst

Good coating ability between support and catalysts

Use coating substances minimizing reduction of catalyst and adsorption and raising the coating ability

Good flame resistance

Inorganic flame retardant added

Differential pressure reduces

By using paper honeycomb filters, the differential pressure gets lower than other deodorization filters, so the quantity of wind to be treated increases with low-noise fan of same option.

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